DPB Multi-Project Venture



Through my ministry, music, and entertainment style countless lives have been changed. I am now well into my second decade of independently pushing forward the message that our youth are our future and a valuable community asset.


I’m at a place now where it’s certainly not the time to stop, but moving forward is happening with less speed, albeit with more style. However, I find myself needing help to maintain the style and build the brand I’ve been working so hard on for so many years.


The life changing concerts, programs, and merchandise I’ve created require a lot more than just crafting and performing music. I need smart, talented people to assist me with the vision to help make it come to fruition.


Although I continue to perform concerts and have established my school program with continued periodic requests from schools for return visits, the need for further outreach and additional staffing has become necessary in order to sustain what has already proven to be successful. The hope is that this movement can be executed on a larger scale. The time is now.


Help me with this global entertainment venture already in place, but requiring funding for additional staffing to include management, personal assistance, a videographer, talented new local artists, and intern housing. My goal is to find talented people from the community who will benefit from an internship. I will help them develop their skills further in the entertainment industry. I also want to be able to keep the supply of my distinct merchandise stocked. Production is expensive and profit is typically just enough to cover costs. But having this merchandise available at the performances provides for additional souvenirs which become affirmations and reminders about the unique experience gained from DPB concerts and programs. Additional funds are also needed for, and to maintain, a proper reliable vehicle to support the vast amount of mileage covered, haul delicate musical equipment, as well as haul other heavy equipment and necessary supplies and articles while on the road.


With your support, you can help me continue to encourage our youth to fulfill their destiny and stay on track through mentoring, school programs, concerts, and the DPB Ministry. An investment in DPB is an investment in our youth, our cities and our future!


In His Love,







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