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Mission Statement:


DPB’s mission is to provide an enrichment program for schools serious about character education issues. His service re-identifies hip hop using dance, dramas, stories and rap music as a positive genre which promotes respect, cooperation, and understanding, while working to eradicate bullying, problems associated with peer pressure, and other difficult issues facing contemporary youth. The result is inspired youth making the best choices, discovering their purpose, and achieving their full potential.




Youth Statistics:


It is estimated that about 10 to 15 percent of children and teens are depressed at any given time, and that 1 of every 4 adolescents will have an episode of major depression during high school.


Half of America's high school seniors have tried an illicit drug by the time they graduate.


35.1 percent of 15-year-olds report that they have had at least 1 drink in their lives.


9.5 million new infections (STDs) occur each year among young people ages 15 to 24.


Fatherlessness has become an epidemic among the American teenager. Children from fatherless homes are almost four times more likely to be poor and are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, dropping out of school, joining gangs, and suffering from health and emotional problems.



Our Solution and Purpose is:


* To promote personal integrity and honesty rooted in respect for truth, intellectual curiosity, and love of learning.


* To create a sense of duty to self, family, school, and community.


* To have respect for teachers, leadership and authority.


* To discover the importance of asking for help, and finding support through a tutor or mentor.


* To recognize the rights of others even when others may hold a different view.


* To develop self-worth rooted in the recognition of one’s potential.


* To prevent bullying, promote self-control, discipline, and pride in work and accomplishments.


* To promote the proper etiquette for social media and to eliminate cyber bullying.


* To promote abstinence and introduce the power of choices and consequences around sex, drugs, and alcohol.


* To define your Destiny, to pursue your Purpose, and Believe in your dreams.




“DPB is a professional outstanding young man who was able to present a message to our students concerning success and life pitfalls such as sex, drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. Students of this age need to hear this message.”

David J. Rogers


Martinsburg South Middle School

Martinsburg, WV



“DPB provided a positive and energetic program that was extremely relevant to our students. Our students simply consumed each second and haven't stop talking about this inspirational presentation.”

David L. Rudy


Martinsburg North Middle School

Martinsburg, WV



“DPB and Crew present a powerful character building program using hip hop and rap to reach young people in a way they understand. He provided an inspirational opening concert for the Youth S.T.A.R.S. Summit my organization held this summer.”

Martha Bouyer

Social Studies Specialist

Jefferson County Schools

Founder and CEO of My Fathers House Foundation



“My students are still talking about DPB and Crew. His character education program is a must for any school. I plan on bringing him back again.”

Barbara Schneider


Mortimer Jordan High School



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