The Crew


The Brothers:

As brothers, David (Dave) Brooks, Jr. (born June 3, 1994) and Fred Brooks (born February 5, 1996), were raised by their parents to be spiritually focused. Both men are beautiful souls and talented dancers each possessing their own set of gifts, and have always been part of the DPB Crew in some capacity.

Dave, aka “D-JR

Dave, aka “D-JR,” is best known for his energetic dance style. In addition to dancing, his talents include choreography and writing scripts. Dave is a major advisor to DPB. With his dedication and love for God, he is a sincere example to his peers and is on course to lead this ministry.

Fred, aka “Fretrix

Fred, aka “Fretrix,” is known for his technical dancing, but it’s his exceptional organizational skills and talent as a graphic artist that assists DPB with operating efficiently on and off stage. To ensure excellence, he is DPB’s toughest critic. He is looking forward to attending college, exploring his interest in engineering, and further advancing his skills in graphic design.

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